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Application for mobile devices: efficiently collection, recording, supplement the data from incident / accident for investigators and various personnels of public safety.

"Value Proposition": more ergonomics, better efficiency.

App must significantly improve the ergonomics and performance of work of the investigators and various personnels of public safety at the scene of incident / accident. We will replace a notebook and pen, photo, video camera, voice recorder and navigator, and even measuring tape, rangefinder and 3D-scanner simply on one device (hence, lowering material costs for tools and supplies).


  • creation, edit plans of incidents/accidents scenes (2D / 3D) in premises and also on open air;
  • geographical positioning with possibility to create a "hybrid' maps with preinstalled "editor" maps (overlay a marks, coordinates, objects);
  • use of the pre-made library of objects (evidences, traces, building materials and interior);
  • creating and linking text, photo, video and audio to the objects, evidences;
  • speech recognition (with the transformation from voices into the text notes);
  • automatic measuring distances and object sizes;
  • access to databases (f.e. the description of psychotropic substances, prohibited for import products, precursors, a description of the objects of cultural value);
  • 3D scanning of objects and premises;
  • storing, encoding and transmission of the collected data for virtual simulation.

Technology: Java, Unity, Android SDK.

Status: prototype, beta-test.