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Software for the detective's work at the crime scene investigation. Virtual training simulators for investigators and mobile application for automation works at the CSI - such product offers are being developed by the IT-company "FSA" well-known in Astrakhan // RG.RU Digital (26.09.2019)
"Constructor of the crime scene" at the exhibition of the extended Board of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation / "Russia 1" TV Chanel, "News. The task force", 03/01/2019
The \\"smart\\" world, software for investigators, business automation: review of IT Startups in Astrakhan region // VC.RU
Russian criminologists will soon receive a new digital tool for work. The program for tablets “The Constructor of the scene of incident” is currently being developed by the participant of Skolkovo, the company Fundamental Analysis Systems.
Reconstruction of the crime scene (3d witness) / Renat Mediev, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Investigative Operations of the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies under the General Prosecutor\\'s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan // AUBAKIROVSKIE READINGS, 2018. - №9 / 213
REN-TV / IZVESTIA video talks about how russian law enforcement agencies use software to digitize and virtualize a crime scenes
A virtual crime scene constructor for criminologists was created
TV report about the 1st International Conference "The Ways to improve pretrial proceedings in crime investigation"
FSA at the 1st International Conference "The Ways to improve pretrial proceedings in crime investigation"
Skobelin S.Yu., Kuznetsov V.V. Innovative method of collecting data at the crime scene with a digital technologies
Use of special software for work at the crime scene
Mediev R.A. System of prediction of offenses in the sphere of public security provision // Science and life of Kazakhstan: popular science magazine. - 2017. - No. 6 (51). - pp.145-149. - ISSN 2073-333X
Muzychenko PB, Zueva K.A. Formation of professional competencies in the study of the "Criminalistics" discipline by introducing information technologies and interactive methods in the educational process // Current problems of criminal law and process: Collection of scientific works of 57 student scientific-practical conference. Edited by V.E. Stepenko, 2017, Publishing house of the Pacific State University (Khabarovsk). - pp. 60-65
Dolginov S.D. The software for disclosure and investigation of crimes // Seventh Perm Congress of Lawyers: Proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference. otv. Ed. V.G. Golubtsov; O.A. Kuznetsova; Perm State National Research University. - 2016. - p. 439-441
The article reveals the modern possibilities of fixing the course and results of such a widespread investigative action as an examination of the scene with the help of the specialized software "Designer of the scene". The capabilities of this program are described: drawing up a scheme of the scene with the help of a graphic editor and an extensive collection of objects; Location of various objects with their detailed description; Photo and video of the scene; Geo-positioning; Adding special tags to the card, etc. The peculiarity and content of the electronic report generated by the program is noted, which is quite informative and in the future can replace the site inspection report.
FSA company is participant of the Enterprise Europe Network-Russia (EEN-Ru) - Europe's largest network of business support, implemented by the European Commission under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme [Video] / 24 Astrakhan (News) / 04.05.2016
Frolova, E. Interactive technologies in teaching criminology / E.Y. Frolova // Criminal proceedings: procedural theory and forensic practice: Proceedings of IV international scientific-practical conference, April 28-29, 2016, Simferopol-Alushta / Ed. M.A. Mikhailov, T.V. Omelchenko; Crimean Federal University named after V.I. Vernadsky. - Simferopol: IT "Ariana", 2016. - 124 p. - from. 105-106. - ISBN 978-5-906813-52-7.
Virtual Crime Scene Examination - simulation, virtual reality, serious games for investigators, immersive learning [Video] // Astrakhan 24 ("All rise!") // 04.14.2016
Karpenko O.M., Lukyanova A.V., Abramova A.V., Basov V.A. Gamification in E-learning // Distance and virtual Learning. - 2015. - № 4. - p.28-43.
"FSA" - The "Serious Games" for criminalists & investigators // ARNEXT // 11.08.2015
Startup for the Investigative Committee? Why not // Slon.ru // 08.07.2015
In the "Skolkovo" became more on the one of Astrakhan's participant [Video] // TVRC "LOTOS" ("Russia 1") // 06.29.2015
Astrakhan's startup became the new Participant of "Skolkovo": Director General Farhad Ashimov [Video] // TVRC "LOTOS" (Russia 24) // 29.06.2015
The "FSA" company of the Astrakhan IT-park FABRIKA became a new resident of Skolkovo // VolgaPromEkspert // 18.06.2015
The "FSA" company of the Astrakhan IT-park FABRIKA became a new resident of Skolkovo // Angelinvestor.ru // 17.06.2015
The "FSA" company of the Astrakhan IT-park FABRIKA became a new resident of Skolkovo // IT-park FABRIKA // 15.06.2015
Astrakhan innovations were presented at Skolkovo // RegionOnlayn (Informational and analytical portal) // 03,06,2015
Astrakhan region has presented innovations in Skolkovo // Astrakhan oblast.rf // 02.06.2015
Astrakhan region at the conference «Startup Village» showed a set of innovations // Ministry of Economic Development of the Astrakhan region // 02.06.2015
The Final of IT-project's competition of Astrakhan region // ASTFUTUR.RU // 18.12.2014
The results of the contest of IT-projects // Portal of public authorities of Astrakhan region // 17.12.2014
The Final of IT-project's competition of Astrakhan region // IT-park FABRIKA // 16.12.2014
In Astrakhan finalized work startup-school "LIFTernaya" // Astrakhan FM // 19.06.2015
The new phase of the startup school LIFTernaya was complete // TVRC "Astrakhan-24" // 18.06.2014
Startup School "LIFTernaya" completed its work // IT-парк FABRIKA // 16.06.2014
Startup School "LIFTernaya" completed its work // Infrafond RVC // 06.06.2014
Now in 3D. Investigative Committee is ready to proceed to the investigation of incidents with the help of innovative technologies // TVRC "LOTOS" // 05.12.2014
Best Innovative Project // "Volga" // 28.04.2014
The "FSA" company became a resident of the business incubator LIFT // Russian Venture Company // 05.03.2014
The "FSA" company became a resident of the business incubator LIFT! // IT-парк FABRIKA // 03.03.2014
The Governor of the Astrakhan region, met with young scientists and innovators // ASTFUTUR.RU // 15.02.2014
From dummy with ketchup - toward of virtual crime scene in 3D // Komsomolec Kaspya // 17.10.2013