Исследования осуществляются ООО «ФСА» при грантовой поддержке Фонда «Сколково».



New RG.RU Digital publication about "FSA" company "Software for the detective's work at the crime scene investigation":
Virtual training simulators for investigators and mobile application for automation works at the CSI - such product offers are being developed by the IT-company "FSA" well-known in Astrakhan.


The FSA company brought up for discussion by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation up-to-date information on current and future directions of the "digitalization" of the work of investigative bodies.
The presentation "Advanced Investigation Management Solutions", which took place on August 15 in Moscow, discussed foreign experience in using big data technologies, predictive analytics, and “soft AI” to automate decision making and increase speed and the effectiveness of the investigation.
Much attention was paid to the prospects for the application of such solutions in the Russian Federation, taking into account the prevailing practice of organizing investigative actions, as well as the issue of the prospective development of the software "Constructor of the crime scene" (by FSA development) in the direction of implementation of the Soft AI algorithms for effective solving departmental tasks.


At the Council of Beginner Investigators, that held at the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Astrakhan Region, they discussed topical issues of using the “Constructor of the Crime Scene” software in investigative works. Issues of current development progress were raised, as well as prospects for expansion of existing solution up to the "e-Case Platform" as a part of FSA-AI Investigation Management System.


The ideal criminal case without a single error in the documents is the dream of any investigator and a bad dream for a any lawyer. Today it is becoming a reality thanks to the developments of russian software developers adopted by the Investigative Committee of Russian Federation. The investigator will have a virtual assistant - a program that, in augmented reality mode, will recreate a picture of any murder or terrorist act and prompt the correct algorithm of actions during the inspection of the scene of the incident and the search of evidences.
Read full article: https://www.mk.ru/social/2018/12/11/skr-reshil-ispolzovat-kvesty-dlya-raskrytiya-prestupleniy.html


Newest technology gaves for investigators and criminologists the opportunity to "return" to the crime scene - in its "virtual copy". Such an opportunity is provided by virtual simulators of investigative actions - "Virtual crime scene examination" and "Virtual search of evedences", developed by Fundamental Analysis Systems LLC.


Astrakhan innovators have developed a virtual assistant for investigators фтв criminologists. The video by GTRK "LOTOS" shows this story.


REN-TV / IZVESTIA video talks about how russian law enforcement agencies use software to digitize and virtualize a crime scenes:


A virtual crime scene constructor for criminologists was created ( https://iz.ru/793625/dmitrii-liudmirskii/sozdan-virtualnyi-konstruktor-mesta-proisshestviia-dlia-kriminalistov ).
Russian criminologists will receive a new tool for work at the crime scene. A program for tablet computers, “Constructor of the scene of incident” is being developed at Skolkovo with the participation of the Investigative Committee of Russian Federation. 


The Version 2.0 of software "Constructor of Crime Scene " is available now. This software is a tool for automating the work of investigators and forensic investigators at the crime scene.
Installation of software on tablet and personal computers is carried out as standard (description of installation You can find in the User’s Manual). Stay tuned for update!


"FSA" (Skolkovo participant) company's software will be used in the work of law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Belarus in investigation of crime.


Innovative technologies will allow in the near future to reconstruct of the crime scene in digital form to the smallest detail. This will allow investigators to "return" to an "identical" crime scene to test early and new hypotheses for a more effective investigation (almost such as in film "Minority Report", 20th Century Fox, 2002).
The experience of using new solutions for the primary "digitization" of the crime scene and its virtual "reconstruction" developed by the company "FSA: Advanced Investigation" (Skolkovo participant) was presented by the "early" users - the employees of the Investigative Committee of Russia at the international scientific and practical conference "Improving investigative activities in conditions of informatization "(Minsk, Republic of Belarus, April 12-13, 2018).


A new article "Innovative method of collecting data at the crime scene with a digital technologies" published in the 2018 first issue of the journal "Russian Investigator" was devoted to the software "Constructor of the Crime Scene" ("Mobile Assistant: the Crime Scene").
The article reveals the modern possibilities of fixing the course and results of such a widespread investigative action as an examination of the scene with the help of the specialized software "Designer of the scene". The capabilities of this program are described: drawing up a scheme of the scene with the help of a graphic editor and an extensive collection of objects; Location of various objects with their detailed description; Photo and video of the scene; Geo-positioning; Adding special tags to the card, etc. The peculiarity and content of the electronic report generated by the program is noted, which is quite informative and in the future can replace the site inspection report.
Read the article: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LexC33PiDaAsSKzNnl7kbFmoX6Xk9b7Y


January 22 the next training courses were started for Procurators of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The training program provides for mastering the following importanttopics for situational modeling of procedural actions:
- "Crime Scene Virtual Examination";
- "Virtual search (evidances)";
- "Constructor of Crime Scene" (mobile workplace, stationary workplace, tablet).


Procurators of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan apply for training software "Crime Scene: Virtual Examination".
Read more: http://www.iuaj.net/node/2369


The "Crime scene: Virtual Examination", localized software version for the Republic of Kazakhstan, was officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 2989 dated December 8, 2017


"Constructor of the crime scene" was used in on-site training sessions for employees of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Ivanovo region, which timed to the 63rd anniversary of the formation of the service of criminalistics.

Read more: http://ivanovo.sledcom.ru/news/item/1173209/


Investigative Committee of Russian Federation was founded 10 years ago. Initially, he was part of the Prosecutor's office, but in 2011, by presidential decree, was transformed into an independent department.

Investigators disclose grave and especially serious crimes, corruption cases and not only. Time passes, and the methods of investigating crimes change. The work does simplified by modern computer technologies.

So, just a few weeks ago, the pilot program "Constructor of crime scene" was introduced in the investigation committee. She performs almost all the documentary work for the investigator. Information from the crime scene is automatically sent to the Committee's database. One device is capable of replacing several aids.

Vladislav Blinov, investigator and criminal expert of the IC of the Russian Federation for the Ivanovo region: "At the scene of the incident, the investigator can directly fix his location in the GPS-coordinate system, the investigator immediately gets the opportunity to draw up a scheme of the crime scene." All this takes, thanks to the program, a structured and clear and all this is then reflected in the report, which is attached to the protocol of inspection of the scene of the incident in accordance with the materials of the criminal case. "

More information: https://www.ivteleradio.ru/news/2017/09/07/sledstvennomu_komitetu_ispolnilos_10_let

Video by Russia 1 Ivanovo on the use of software for work at the crime scene https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p_P-5j2JhchYlewGWxibkcBqCeshj1h7


FSA on the International Technology Forum TechnoCaspy-2017 - the main Astrakhan innovation event in 2017.The FSA participated in the exhibition of technologies and innovations and presented existing and new solutions for the security sphere: for training and preparation (virtual simulation and training complexes FSA3D), and for automating the work of law enforcement officers (mobile assistant "Constructor of Crime Scene"). These solutions were developed in cooperation with practitioners from the Main Criminal Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, as well as by industry experts in law enforcement, representatives of academic science and education.


Harvard Business Review - Russia Journal about the FSA in the article "Avatar straightened his shoulders"


The "FSA" company had presented the project "Constructor of virtual trenings for emerging jobs" to the head of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the Southern Federal District. The project involves creating a platform for modeling and learning in a virtual environment. It is assumed that the teacher, without even special programming skills, will be able to quickly create practical workflow cases for the emergingprofessions of the future (Atlas of emerging jobs by Agency for Strategic Initiatives) for different spheres: city farming (aquaponics, smart greenhouses and fields), architecture of green and energy-zero buildings, genetic engineering etc.


FSA on the Russian's market map of the virtual and augmented reality 2016 (EdTech)


Was approved the new federal state educational standard of higher education in the field of learning 40.03.01 "Jurisprudence".FSA3D solutions harmonised with paragraph 7.3. of standard: "..The requirements for logistical and educational provision of undergraduate programs. In the case of e-learning, distance learning technologies a specially equipped premises may be replaced on their virtual counterparts, allowing students to master the skills provided by professional activities."


In early February FSA3D had presented in the Astrakhan branch of Saratov State Law Academy the software to e-learning of law students for law and training of practical specialists in the field of public security, as well as a new solution for the automation of operational staff on the crime scene.


The "Fundamental системs of analysis" ("FSA", FSA3D) become a technology partner of "Aladdin R.D." company - one of the leading Russian developers and suppliers of authentication means, electronic signatures, products and solutions for information security.


"FSA" company is 5 years old. To thank You for Your attention and support, we gift a 5 licenses (version "Training" for the equipment of working places of students) to any "Complete" version of the programmes "Virtual examination" or "Virtual Search", acquired in December 2016 - January 2017! Now, with a acquisition of new "Complete" version, can be equipped all computer class to work with virtual forensic workplaces of investigators and criminologists. Just send a request by e-mail fsa3d@mail.ru ! Offer does not constitute a public offer, valid from 12.07.2016 to 31.01.2017 and extends to the version of the "Training" in the case of the acquisition of "Complete" version. Full description of the proposals from consultants, phone + 7-851-252-44-44.
Follow the link >>>


5 years FSA3D! Dear friends and colleagues! Thank you for your trust and support, for help and what you believe in us! You are the best!


In the company's newsletter "FSA3D | Interactive educational technologies":
| 5 reasons why 3D technology - a technology of the future of learning.
5 reasons for the high efficiency of 3D-technology (including virtual reality) in training:collaborative or personally training on practical cases, simulation of real objects and processes, mobility and accessibility, entertainment in learning.
| Software package of virtual simulation and training FSA3D in Kazakhstan: a 1st training workshop in Aktobe.
October 7, 2016 in Aktobe Law Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan (Aktobe, Kazakhstan) was a seminar-training on working with software package of virtual simulation and training "Virtual crime scene examination".
| Software package FSA3D in Kazan (Volga) Federal University on the "PRO Science: Night of the Future".
Kazan Federal University - it's case of the effective use of software package of virtual simulation and training for law students.
| The mobile solutions for work automatization (collecting, recording data) on the scene of incident / action.
What you need for automation of the work of investigator and criminalist at the scene? Anticipating the release of beta-version "SIAR" app, we talk about the possibilities of mobile creating detailed plans, creating additional layers of information on the maps. See the similar solutions that have already been entered into the practice of law enforcement bodies of the USA and Canada.

Details of the link: http://us14.campaign-archive2.com/?u=375fd24b422ca6caa689e5dfd&id=f027e93fb1&e=[UNIQID] 


In our digest "Interactive technologies for education and work | FSA3D | Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality":
| How to improve students' motivation in a few times?
Just to add interactivity on the lessons for law students with the "augmented reality" with a free new app for smartphones and tablets Detectivus AR by FSA3D
| The best offer of this autumn!
3 reasons for the high efficiency of virtual modeling in learning: endless opportunities for teachers | high interest among students | cost savings. All this is available now in FSA3D complexes, and in September - more the accessible: the new school year - new discounts from "FSA"-partner the Softline.ru company
| Be the first to know about the benefits of
the new version of the complex of virtual simulation and training FSA3D 4.0 - more opportunities | efficiency | amenities | entertainment. Find out how it will look!
| Mobile workplace for forensic investigator "Reconstruction of the crime scene"
What You need to automate a work of investigator at the crime scene? Instead of describing the incident "on the knee" - You must have a mobile workplace! Find out what is available now in beta mobile applications for investigators "Reconstruction of the crime scene": the creation of detailed plans, work with maps and 3D-scanning in future develop
| Free training in October
October 7, 2016 in Aktobe (Kazakhstan) on the basis of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Aktobe Law Institute will held a training seminar on work with software complex and situational modeling training "Virtual crime scene examination" (complex of virtual simulation and training FSA3D)
and other interesting information!


The first in the Republic of Kazakhstan workshop of work with FSA3D software packages in new forensic laboratory Aktobe Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan to be held in October 2016. During the training participants - staff of law schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan - will receive skills on working with a FSA3D systems of virtual simulation:- creation, modeling jobs and works of investigator in the virtual environment;- use of integrated (preinstalled) cases: scenarios, situations, incidents, investigative actions for education of law students and (re)training of investigators;- use of systems for the training investigators in \\"difficult\\" conditions of the environment and obtaining skills in work with a new forensic equipment for the effective investigation of crimes.
With 2016 the Aktobe Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an academic and business partner of FSA company.


FSA3D in EdIndex! EdIndex is one of the main russian sources for a new initiatives, innovative forms in education area. EdIndex was created and developed a Edutainme.ru team. Edutainme.ru is platform of the future of education and technologies (support from Russian Venture Company) and employs more than a hundred names, sites, services and applications.
Earlier FSA3D was included in the "VR Companies Listed" by VR Meister (previously - VR companies.com) in the field of education working with virtual reality technology (VR). This allows FSA3D to be "visible" participant of the world's VR-industry.


"University of the Future" wasn't without the "FSA" company. In mid-May "FSA" presented their project for education (EduTech) at the IV Forum on Information Technologies in Education "University of the Future".


Since 2016 the "FSA" company holds free training "Working with virtual complexes situational simulation for training personnels of public safety".It is, above all, the software products developed by our company: "Virtual crime scene examination" and "Virtual search".In March we met Renat Mediev - police major, senior lecturer in criminology at the Aktobe legal institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In early May we met Shamil Kerimov - employee of the Department of criminal procedure and criminalistics at Volgograd State University. In late May - Alexei Antropov -  current forensic expert, head of the forensic laboratory at the Ural State Law University (Ekaterinburg).- We do not only gave knowledge about working with complexes, but we ourselves were happy to take knowledge from our guests. And for this opportunity, we are sincerely grateful to them. Each of them is an expert in their field. Direct contact allows to eliminate shortcomings, to correct development plans, see the opportunities that were previously unnoticed. All this allows us to make our solutions more efficient and convenient, - sums Farhad Ashimov - we invite all to training and look forward to meeting!
More about free training: + 7-851-2523333 or info@fsa3d.com.


Friends, our team needs in a developer of mobile applications (Android OS). We not ask about experience (it may be up to 1 year), but needs to have programming skills under the Android OS and be at work full-time. Duties include only one: the development of interesting mobile app. Please, call +78512523333.


A new versions of programs (3.5.) are available for download now. Take advantage of the free update (within one year from the date of purchase) or buy an updates on favorable terms!


FSA company is a participant of the european platform for SME cooperation - 'Enterprise Europe Network" (EEN-ru).
Since 2015 the "FSA" company cooperates with the Regional Integrated Center of Astrakhan Region (www.astra-eenrurp.ru) - one of the national "contact points" EEN in Russia.

RIC is the regional partner Consortium of Enterprise Europe Network - Russia (EEN - Ru), and performs the functions of confirming (validation) of the russian companies, for their inclusion in the program and of facilitation the search for European partners.
EEN is the network to support entrepreneurship and innovation brings together more than 250 regional consortia in 60 countries around the world, providing integrated services to enterprises in the area of ​​support for internationalization and business development and innovation.

A brief video by "Astrakhan24" Channel ("News" broadcast 05.04.2016) describes the work of RIC and it interaction with the "FSA" within the EEN: https://youtu.be/PKMa4c9WLFs


Dear friends! Meet us at the special exhibition "AR/VR Zone" of Startup Village 2016 in Skolkovo, Moscow, 02.06-03.06.2016 !
FSA Team


The "FSA" software goes in CIS. This fact can be considered valid: in 2016 the software package "Virtual Crime Scene Examination" was deployed in Aktobe Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Aktobe, Kazakhstan), Academician E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University (Karaganda, Kazakhstan), Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University (Semey, Kazakhstan).

Of course, these are the first steps, but, perhaps, there are most important for us.On photos "Virtual Crime Scene Examination" is used for situational modeling in the practical classes in Aktobe Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We are grateful to the leadership of the Institute for the interest in our developments. And our special thank to Renat Mediev - Senior Lecturer of Department of Criminology at the Aktobe Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ph.D. in law enforcement.

Software package "Virtual Crime Scene Examination" is a special virtual simulator for situational modeling investigative actions on the crime scenes and areas of incidents for:

- training of investigators and forensic investigators, law students;

- working out investigative actions, including in "difficult" conditions, obtaining skills in working with a new forensic equipment.In its current form, software meet the definition of "immersive learning" in terms of Gartner IT Glossary: "learning situations that are constructed using a variety of techniques and software tools, including game-based learning, simulation-based learning and virtual 3D worlds".

So, one of the operating mode "Editor" allows to create (and to edit) scenarios and scenes of incidents, accidents, cases, crime scenes for learning activities in realistic 3D virtual environment. To do this at the disposal of the instructor or practitioner employer exist a library of ready-made objects (more than 500 different objects, tools offenses, evidences), and places of incidents (apartments, buildings, subways, special objects - ship, plane, train, etc.). This mode meet the definition of «simulation-based learning».

«Simulation-based learning» in terms of Ambient Insight (2016) is a knowledge transfer method that based on the "simulation" (not based on "competition"):
(1) the actions, manipulations and experiments with material objects or environmental conditions and physical processes ( "the acquisition of knowledge about the nature of something");
(2) the implementation of procedures, the creation of situations, action in situations ("receiving skills to do something"). We think there are: "serious games", "situational constructors".

For the operating mode "Editor", we can talk about the practical significance. As is known, the investigator-criminalist has 2 major tasks:

(1) As accurately as possible to fix the scene of crime or picture of incident, in order to preserve for themselves the possibility of retrospective simulation (first of all, a thought experiment) at every step of the investigation. After the event is happened, it represented in present time only just in traces, evidences, static photos or videos (which limited in opportunities of reconstruction). And later this event can't be "recreated" and impossible to return to event in reality;

(2) To build a versions about "whats happend" (perspective simulation). This perspective simulation is constantly updated because of changes in volume of facts, details, evidences. The possibility for "thought experiment" gets a more difficult. Therefore, it is very important that the incident could gain visibility. Ideally, investigator can be "play" past event in different versions, in the form of "re-created patterns" present in the present time. Also such models can be available to the participants of the investigation and legal proceedings.

"Editor" mode allows to simulate unique scenarios of incidents and on this basis to develop various versions about event. Thus, the investigator can not only produce a "reconstruction" of incident (to carry out a retrospective simulation), but also to visualize a various versions of "what happened" (perspective simulation). It's not just addition and expansion for the "thought experiment" but qualitatively more high level of the investigator's work.

The second mode of operation ("Trainee") is designed to work with the prepared scenarios of incidents ("case"). In this kind of program like a "quest" for the passage of which is necessary to study in detail the "unique" situation of "case" and go through all the steps of investigation. Trainee must to find evidences, make their removal and packaging, make inspection of victims, photographic images and measurements, fix information in the document templates (protocols) and etc. This mode can be identified how «game-based learning».

"Immersive" in this mode strengthened through ability to use virtual reality head-mounted (Oculus Rift and the like). The implementation of the interface adapted for the VR head-mounted is not only an order of magnitude increases the level of "immersive" in the "case" (and the effectiveness of training), but also causes additional great interest (motivation) of students and trainees.Also, software package has combined interactive e-learning system and the automatic monitoring system of knowledge (including testing and control of performance statistics of educational tasks). The instructor can create a "case" and to add, at its discretion, additional photos, video, training materials to specific objects, tools, evidences.

Also, now we are experimenting with the creation of "immersive environments" for mass mobile devices. We created a free mobile VR-app to simulate the crime scene "Cesar VR" for a smartphone and Google Cardboard, which is available in WinPhone Store and Google Play.


Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the "FSA" company, we'd appreciate for Your comments, recommendation, and especially for the possibility to cooperate with You in the realization of similar projects for immersive learning. By remaining apolitical, we just want be useful to citizens and society.

Thank you for understanding and we look to cooperation! 

"FSA" team


The International Caspian Technology Forum held in Astrakhan on April 7-8. Every year during the last six years a forum “Days of Innovation of the Astrakhan region” was held in Astrakhan.
In 2016 the forum received a new international status and, correspondingly, new name – The International Caspian Technology Forum. In the first Caspian Technology Forum were attended by about 400 guests - from Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.
FSA company participated in forum's exhibition devoted to technologies and innovations of Astrakhan region.
FSA team presented a new version of software package "Virtual Crime Scene Investigation 3.0 ‪‎VR-ready" with ‪‎OculusRift‬'s and ‪‎LeapMotion‬'s support. In particular showed the development of algorithms LeapMotion for direct interaction with objects in the virtual environment.
- We're once again convinced that the VR-technology reveal a great interest, - said General Director of FSA Farhad Ashimov - VR-technology increasingly needed and useful not only for learning, but also in manufacturing and in the field of public safety.


Software solutions of "FSA" company were listed in the State register of Russian software.

Software packages developed by the  "FSA" company - "Crime Scene Virtual Examination" and "Crime Scene Virtual Search" - were entered in the State register of national (Russian) software for electronic computers and databases Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.The register established in accordance with Article 12.1 of the Federal Law of Russian Federation "On Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information" in order to expand the use of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases, confirming their origin from the Russian Federation.

Software packages  "Crime Scene Virtual Examination" and "Crime Scene Virtual Search" (are elements of a comprehensive solution "Scene of Crime: Augmented Reconstruction" - are designed for situational modeling and apply:- for training and (re)training of investigators and forensic investigators, law students;- for obtain of skills of investigative actions, including in "difficult" conditions, and for obtain of skills in working with new forensic techniques.
Programs form productive platform for modeling, (re)creating of situations / incidents, forensic accidents, investigations, generate of versions, combined with an interactive learning system and the electronic system of the control of knowledge.


We invite you to participate in free training seminar on working with software complex "Virtual Scene Examination: Version 3.0" (program attached), which will be held March 18, 2016 on the basis of the Astrakhan State University (Astrakhan, Tatishchev, d.20A.) .
The seminar program >>>

About Interest (intention to participate), please inform the letter to fsa3d@mail.ru


The "FSA" company has received state accreditation in the field of information technology. The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation granted accreditation for "FSA" company (decision from 02.02.2016) as organization operating in the field of information technology: develops and implements programs for computers and databases on a physical medium or in electronic form via communication channels, regardless of the type of contract and (or) providing services (performing works) to adapt computer programs and databases (software and information products of computer technology), installation, testing and maintenance of computer programs and databases.


A new version of the software package "Crime Scene Examination" 3.0 is availible now!
More "virtuality", more convenience, more efficiency!

What's SP "Crime Scene Examination"? It's a high-performance tool for training specialists into the sphere of public security and for the teaching of students of law specialties.

It is an opportunity:
- The creation of a huge number of "unique" situations, scenes of crime, training forensic grounds;
- 20 unique locations of incidents ("apartment", "building", "railway station" et.) 50 tools for the detection, removal and packaging of evidence, a library of 500 ready-made objects.

What's New:

More virtuality!
The possibility of working in a head-mounted display (Oculus Rift and the like) - it's incomparable feeling of diving into the situation!

More realism!
Algorithms of "physics" behavior of objects - the interaction with any object in the simulator complies with the physical laws of the real world. More realistic of virtual space!

More convenience!
Adapted (additional) interface for the head-mounted display that is different from the PC version. Not just the effect of presence (as in most existing VR-making), but also the possibility to use tools and perform the necessary actions. Even more convenient with the "one-handed" bluetooth mini gamepad!

More efficiency!
3 full-ready preset tasks ("Double murder", "The Hanged Man?", "Armed attack") for the facilitate the work of teachers and trainers in two editions: "Teaching" and "Exam". "Teaching" - it's edition with a step-by-step instructions; tips allows You to quickly obtain the necessary skills to work with the simulator to understand it's logic, to learn to work with the forensic equipment. Check the level of knowledge in the performance of "Exam" (without prompting), pass the test and get the final score!

Not just a virtual tour!
Productive learning system: "participate" and "action" at the crime scene, receiving and improving skills with forensic equipment and tools, make a hypothesizes and re-play versions!

Right now! Begin your investigation right now!

What's next?
In active development: control gestures and hand movements based on the latest algorithms for controller IntelRealSense, LeapMotion. Efficient and fast control in a virtual environment without gamepad and with the free hands!
The introduction of new types of forensic equipment (to get the skills to work with them) and the extension of the thematic spectrum of program for the wider application!
Your "FSA" team


The "FSA" company became participant of the innovational territorial cluster "Development of information technology, electronics instrumentation, communications and infotelecommunications of St.Petersburg" (Direction "Information Technology").This is one of the most developed Russian IT-Clusters, which is supported by the Centre of the cluster development (Program of the support small and medium-sized enterpeises by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development).


The software developed by "FSA" company was included in register of Russian software (in topics "Information systems to address industry-specific tasks" and "Education") by Russian Software Products Association «Russian Software».

Catalog of Russian software is initiative project of the Russian Software Products Association «Russian Software».

Catalog of Russian software is designed to help all stakeholders, including customers, learn about existing Russian IT-solutions.

Russian Software Products Association «Russian Software» plans to transfer all project materials to the State register of Russian software, scheduled for launch in 2016.


The FSA company became a member of the RUSSOFT Association. The decision was taken at the Association’s Executive Committee meeting after the presentation of the FSA company held November 27, 2015.
RUSSOFT Association is a Nation wide Association of the most technically competent software developing companies from Russia. The head-quarters is located in Saint-Petersburg. 

- Entry into RUSSOFT Association - said General Director of "FSA" Farhad Ashimov - is another milestone of the outgoing 2015  for our company. Almost as important as the status of "Skolkovo Participant". While these disparate events - become a Participant of the Skolkovo - this is achievement. And become a member of such a representative community as RUSSOFT Association - is recognition of the national leading developers of IT solutions and software. Therefore, we are very grateful to the members of the Association’s Executive Committee and President of RUSSOFT Valentin Makarov (who is also the coordinator of the group within SafeNet NTI - the National Technology Initiative), for supporting us. Needless to say so many such support does mean for us, as a start-up regional company? Previously, we had the hard experience - so difficult achieve sustainable development without effective collaboration and cooperation. And now we turned our eyes to the RUSSOFT Association and we got the support. We will be glad to contribute to the development of the partnership: our expertise, skills, and ensure transperancy, accountability in the implementation of joint projects.

RUSSOFT Association unites more than 70 companies with 25000+ of highly qualified software engineers with advanced graduate level degrees in Technology & Computer Science. RUSSOFT Association cooperates with the leading Universities of Russia, which are many times winners of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contests. RUSSOFT software vendors are often rated in the Gartner Magic Quadrants, while our software development service providers are always listed among 100 Global leading outsourcing companies.

- Today - continues to Director General of "FSA" - most of the participants of the Russian software market is in conditions of great uncertainty. We waiting for the entry into force on 1 January 2016 of the Federal Law №188 on the establishment of a single register of Russian software. The mechanism of the law is not fully worked out, is not approved. This is another reason why We can be grateful to RUSSOFT. We are glad to be "on board". If we have the risk of something do wrong at this time of great change, the experts will help us. 


Special Offer!

The software for situational modeling of accidents and incidents "Crime scene investigation (examination)"
12 locations ("home", "station", "ship", "airplane" etc.)
20 unique locations of incidents ("apartment", "building", "underpass", "railroad")
50 tools for the detection, removal and packaging of evidence (fingerprint brush, expert source of light(UV))
500 ready-made objects ("bodies of the victims", "evidences", "instruments of crime")
2 main modes: "Instructor" (for modeling and editing of crime scene) and "Student" (for learning in the created scene)
2 add's mode of "Student": "Study" (with step by step instructions and tips) and "Exam" (without tips with the final test, with the preparation of the inspection record (act), foto table)
available ready-for-study tasks/scenes ("double murder", "robberies")

Support a multi-user mode for work tasks! Ready for demonstration in the classroom (output to display)!
1. The full-featured version, 2 modes ("Instructor" + "Apprentice") - a perpetual license - 450$ (all updates for a 1 year - for free).
2. The full-featured version 2 mode ("Instructor" + "Apprentice") - an annual subscription (license) - 225$.
3. 100% Virtual package "Crime scene investigation (examination)" a perpetual license + head-mounted display * - 1200$.
4. 100% Virtual package "Crime scene investigation (examination)" the annual subscription + head-mounted display * - 970$.
5. Equipment of computer classes - special conditions **
Try now free demo-version!
Hardware requirements:
The program can be used on PCs and laptops with the following system requirements: processor with a frequency of 2 GHz; video card NVIDIA GeForce GT440 (or higher) or similar (2 or 4 GB of memory); 4GB of RAM; Windows 7; MicrosoftOfficeWord 2007.
Try for free: CeSAR VR - is a test application for a virtual visit to the crime scene for smart phones and augmented reality (AR) glasses like Google Cardboard and similar:
Google Market https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fsa3d.cesar 
WinPhone http://www.windowsphone.com/ru-ru/store/app/cesar/f911d8bd-9095-41f8-b013-d5cecfb99563
* Head-mounted display is Oculus Rift (SDK2) or Dee Poon
** Call now! +7 (8512) 523333, 524444


The "FSA" company was advanced to the semifinals of the prestigious VII Open Competition IT Project "Web&Tech Ready 2015".

712 projects from 106 cities and 14 countries were participated in the contest Web & Tech Ready 2015. More than 60 experts (representatives of venture capital funds, IT companies and business accelerators) were evaluating of the projects through the AdvisoryBoard system and in the intramural councils in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
Oct. 8, 2015 advice of experts of Web & TechReady 2015 named a list of 46 companies (semi-finalists) that will continue to fight for the victory in the major nominations: "Seed", "Startup" and "Spinoff".
The "FSA" company has become one of the semi-finalists of Web & TechReady 2015 in the category of "Seed" with the project "The software package "SIAR": "Scene of Incident: Augmented Reconstruction" - it's a complex solution for automation collecting of data on incident/accident and after for simulate and virtualize of collected data (including creation of "Serious Games" for education and training).

"SIAR" - is a complex solution (Mobile-PC) for the effective collection, fixing, supplement of data (AR) from the scene of incident / accident, and their modeling and visualization (VR) using technologies IntelRealSense, including the remote control technology (F200 3D-camera), 3D-scanning (R200 camera). "SIAR":- improves performance and ergonomics of work, reduces time, informational and material costs when making ordinary operations (at the Mobile Client for smartphones and tablets); - it's also allows to work with the data obtained, analyze, modify, simulate and "replay" them in the virtual environment (at the Stationary Module for desktop devices).

Competitive advantages of the complex "SIAR" are:- Comprehensiveness (solution is applicable ranging from data collection stage up to analysis stage), the synergy of opportunities of the mass devices (mobile and stationary).- To easy digitizing, visualization, virtualization and 3D-modeling of data.- Ergonomics (using the latest 3D technology, technology Intel RealSense in mobile and stationary devices).- Customization (knowing what needs for target consumers in forensic and emergency services and implementation of this knowledge in the solutions).

The finals will be held in Hypercube "Skolkovo" (Moscow) October 20, 2015.


The "Fundamental Systems of Analysis" ("FSA") company has become a member of the International Union of Assistance to Justice (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, www.iuaj.net/). Today the Union is a platform for active cooperation of more than 600 experts of the law and forensic community around the world.
This is an important step for the "FSA" company, because it allows to expand ties with the international forensic community and also effectively improve existing software solutions (based on "feedback"), as well as to find partners for implementation of joint scientific and technological projects.
The main objective of the International Union of Assistance to Justice it's help and expanding the scientific research, information and cultural links between law professionals worldwide.
The Union aims to promote the development of various areas of law and forensic science, international research projects, the exchange of qualified personnel, and interaction with other professional associations, human rights and international organizations for the development of law and jurisprudence.


Augmented (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) applications are gaining in popularity. Of particular interest are the AR-VR apps for mobile devices, due to their high prevalence and cheapness in comparison with the head-mounted (VR) displays.
The "FSA" company ("Skolkovo" Participant) divided experience in developing AR and VR applications.
- Over the last month we have, through the efforts of our programmers and designers have learned to create AR-VR-apps for mobile devices, - says General Director of "FSA" Farhad Ashimov, - this is the first our experience but is very important for us. It is important to learn how to make building applications of augmented and virtual reality for mobile devices running different operating systems, and to ensure compliance of the requirements of leading apps-services, such as: Apple Store, Google Market, Windows Phone.
- Of course, I had to experiment, - Andrew Shirin the programmer of "FSA" says, - to achieve stable operation of the same application on different operating systems makes us constantly look for some new ways to optimize the code and graphics. This is in addition to the fact that, for example for iOS we needed authentic equipment and environment for building applications.
Now available applications CeSAR VR (Google Market, Windows Phone) and IDArchitects (Google МаркетApp Store).
CeSAR VR (Crime Scene Augmented Reconstruction - VR) - application for AR-glasses (such as Google Cardboard) plunges us into the virtual world of the crime investigation into the role of investigator-criminalist. Lets examine the crime scene with the effect of total immersion in virtual reality. Application bring a bright element of interactivity in the works for students of law specialties of higher education.
- IDArchitects - this is our first application of augmented reality - Viktor Lapin the designer of the three-dimensional graphics of "FSA" says, - lets through the marker (for example, the image in the magazine) to touch the three-dimensional model of the building or the project of interior solutions and to see them closer and more. With the free application «IDArchitects» You can see the three-dimensional model of the interior, and even the residential complex. Open a magazine, hover smartphone camera at the marker and "voila" - 3D-model of a building on your screen: twist, turn around! But optimizing of the graphics and "unloading" of the three-dimensional model for the capabilities of mobile devices need a lot of time. But I think it's worth it. We "vitalizing" of the advertise and make it much more interesting. Now I should optimize a 3D-model of the residential complex.
- Now we are working on development of AR applications and a soon we start to move toward a creating a criminalistic models for forensic science, - shares his plans Andrew Shirin programmer of "FSA", - imagine what you can do interesting activities for the students! For example, an ordinary room without any equipment for a few minutes can be converted to forensic testing ground - crime scene. Just print out sheets of paper with markers and place them on the floor (or attach to the wall) and on the screen you can see crime objects, evidence, instruments.


The first Russian's VR-simulator for the crime scene in a virtual reality was established by the "FSA" company.
- At the initial stage of development of VR-making, our objective was to gain experience in programming and graphic design of VR-applications for glasses virtual reality and the most common mobile devices - smartphones - General Director of "FSA" Farhad Ashimov says, - to this end, we had virtualized of the crime scene and gained the necessary experience in the development and creating a foundation for the future.
- The Demo-version of the simulator will be available in the apps store for Windows Phone soon, - Farhad shares his plans - also in Google Market and the App Store, - with the August'15 - "FSA" has been approved as a "developer" of applications for devices running mobile operating systems Android, WinPhone, iOS. In the Android-version of the application - continues Farhad - will be ability to connect bluetooth-joystick, which enhances control actions in a virtual reality.
Scenario of simulator is simple now: you find yourself in the role of an investigator at the crime scene, which contains a variety of trace evidence, instruments of crime which needs to be detected, simultaneously performing additional tasks and actions.
- But with the goal - to make the "usability" demo-version of VR-application for the finding optimal mechanisms and algorithms of the implementation of actions in virtual reality - for the first steps is enough, - Andrew Shirin - software developer "FSA" sums up.
- In this way, we had to solve some difficult problems for optimizing the application: we had need to find a balance between the quality of the graphics and, on the other hand, with the smartphones hardware's possibilities - says Alexander Cherevichenko - 3D-designer of the "FSA", - had to spend time at this experiment, but the positive result was worth it.


The "FSA" company was authorized to access in the global e-learning system Office on Drugs and Crime the United Nations (UNODC) - Global eLearning programme UNODC.
The UNODC eLearning System is the ultimate and most advanced capacity building tool designed to reach officials of Member States of UN in any location. The eLearning platform offers a variety of courses and modules.
Thanks to this form of learning, UNODC enables users to access UN and international standards directly from their desks.
Thus, the "FSA" company has access to international best practices, methodologies, standards and relevant information on combating global threats to security and crime.
In particular, toward the database of the national legislation of the various states and the database of judicial practice of cybercrime (The Cybercrime Repository) and Transnational Crime (SHERLOC - Sharing Electronic Resources and Laws On Crime).
"Access to the Global eLearning programme UNODC, - General Director of "FSA" Farhad Ashimov said, - will allow us to more fully take to use the modern international practices in our software solutions for e-learning law enforcement officers and law students."
Used the materials of web-site UNODC: http://www.unodc.org/elearning/frontpage.jsp


The "FSA" company in Report "Russian's Market of AR/VR 2015". Read more: The Market of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in Russia 2015 (Analytical report): Association of Augmented and Virtual Reality of Russia, ARnext, Skolkovo MobileTech.


The "FSA" company's project "Reconstruction of the scene of incident (Mobile Solution)" was approved for the 2nd stage of V International Competition of Innovative Projects in the track "Telecom Idea 2015" (http://telecomideas.com/web/main/home). The main theme of the competition in 2015 were "smart" solutions for business, the urban economy and quality of life of the population.According to voting results of Expert Council of competition "Telecom Idea 2015" in the 2nd stage of the acceleration program on Generation S was allowed 111 projects (out of 315).


Project of "FSA" company (FSA mobile) "Reconstruction of the crime scene: A Practical Package" - the creation of mobile applications for the automation of employees work of the investigative committee of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Interior at the crime scene - finalist of the first start-up school "LIFTernaya" (Astrakhan, 31 May 2015). Startup School LIFTernaya (http://www.school.liftco.me/) - is an intensive program of acceleration of start-ups, which allows the project to go from the idea stage to the final stage of the business model. Organizers of the start-up of the school - Russian Venture Company (Moscow), bisiness incubator LIFT (Astrakhan), IT FABRIKA (Astrakhan). All of the finalists of LIFTernaya have an opportunity to present their projects in the final selection of the IT track federal competition GenerationS, conducted by "RVC". Taking this opportunity, the "FSA" company presented its project at the site GenerationS-2015.GenerationS - It is the largest accelerator in the CIS. In May-June'15 more than 800 technology startups from all over Russia were participating in the federal accelerator GenerationS. In general, Startups from 9 countries, 78 cities have applied to participate in GenerationS-2015. Competition results of GenerationS-2015 contest will be announced in July'15.
The following materials used (in preparing): http://generation-startup.ru


The "FSA" company (Skolkovo Participant) participated in the first meeting of the Association of Augmented and Virtual Reality of Russia (3 June at the Startup Village,  Skolkovo). The Association's Executive Director Catherine Filatova said, that objectives of the Association consist in the consolidation of market participants VR and AR, promotion of augmented and virtual reality in Russia, forming relationships with global industry leaders and ets. The support of this initiative was expressed by the Director of the Center of mobile technologies "Skolkovo" Vasily Ryzhonkov. " For us - said General Director of "FSA" Farhad Ashimov, - the inclusion into Association augmented and virtual reality Russia, would be actual for the exchange of experience with key players in the market and for the cooperating in complex projects".


The FSA company is the Participant of Skolkovo now !
By the Development Fund of the Center for Development and Commercialization of New Technologies decision, the "Fundamental system of analysis" company  ("FSA") was included in the register of members of the project of establishing and operating the Innovation Center of "Skolkovo". Now the "FSA" company is a full member of the Skolkovo project.
Thanks, Skolkovo!


The software "Reconstruction of the scene: a practical complex" (by the "FSA" company developed), became one of the finalists of "Startup School LIFTernaya" and it was presented to experts in the business incubator LIFT May 30, 2015. Startup School LIFTernaya - is an intensive program of acceleration of start-ups, which allows the project to go from the idea stage to the final stage of the business model (http://www.school.liftco.me/). Organizers of the start-up of the school - the Russian Venture Company, Gerenation S, LIFT bisiness incubator, FABRIKA. The "FCA" company software was highly appreciated by experts, which are recommend the software for practical implementation.


Participation of the FSA company in the Startup Village 2015 in Skolkovo. Dear friends! We would be pleased to meet you at the Startup Village 2015 in Skolkovo, Moskow, 02.06-03.06.2015 !


Dear friends, dear colleagues! We will be happy to meet you at the final presentation of the projects (Demo day) of "Startup School LIFTernaya" http://www.school.liftco.me (30.05.2015, 10-00, Astrakhan, Bakinskaya st., 79).
At the end of project "Startup School LIFTernaya", the company "FSA" will present his project "Software for mobile devices: "Reconstruction of the Scene: a practical complex" for the experts of Skolkovo, RVC, FRII, business incubator LIFT.
We will be glad to meet you on event!


The "FSA" company is very grateful to Skolkovo («Foundation for Development of the Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies», www.sk.ru) for the support our company & projects! The "FSA" company will the "Participant" of Skolkovo (Information Technologies Cluster) soon!


"FSA" company welcomes new users of the software "Crime scene virtual examination (Educational package)", "Virtual search (Educational package)" for the professional activities of lawyers, investigators and forensic experts:
- Bryansk State University.
- Volgograd Institute for the Humanities.
- Novosibirsk Law Institute (branch) of the National Research Tomsk State University.
- North-Caucasian branch of "Russian State University of the judiciary."
- Northern (Petrozavodsk) branch of the Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

 "FSA" company thanks our esteemed colleagues and wishes success in their professional activity!


Software developments by "FSA" company, "Crime scene virtual examination", "Reconstruction of the scene: educational package" will be presented by the Russian delegation in the framework of participation in the International Symposium of Forensic Science in September 2015 in Havana (Cuba) (IX Cuban Forensic Science Symposium and II Biometric Identification Workshop - TECNICRIM 2015).


"FSA" company became a partner-developer of software company Intel in Russia. Advanced hardware and software technology from Intel will be implemented in software, applications and developments of the "FSA" for desktop computers (PC), and mobile devices - smartphones, tablets.


Since 2012 "FSA" company develops technologies and means of effective e-learning and training for law enforcement staff (interactive simulations, simulators for forensic activities) and develops specialized software for forensic science and research scene. The range of software products released by our company includes: "Crime scene virtual examination", "Virtual searsh", "Reconstruction of the scene" and others. "FSA" company developments for three-dimensional modeling, analysis of scenes of accidents, developing skills in investigations have proved themselves both in practical work and e-learning for law enforcement representatives (for example, they are used in more than 80 territorial divisions of the Investigative Committee of Russia) and students (cadets), higher education (applied in more than 30 major universities in Russia) . According to the research of users opinions on the software of "FSA" company, conducted in March-April 2015, to the merits of software users include: ease of understanding of the basics of working with the software (a third part of respondents- 33.3%), the simplicity of the interface and understanding of how to commit any action (25.0%), easy to use software (25.0%). Only the sixth user has any difficulties while working with software (16.7%).


On March the 3rd Startup Marathon was held in Astrakhan- a joint event for startups in the IT sector from IDFI (http://www.iidf.ru), Business Incubator LIFT (https://colift.timepad.ru) Astrakhan IT-park. Each of the eleven presented Astrakhan start-up projects in the field of internet and mobile technologies, to get feedback and advice from experts IDFI from experienced entrepreneurs and experts of Astrakhan - among them was the head of the company "Fundamental analysis system" Farhad Ashimov.


We are pleased to inform you that the software "Crime scene virtual examination" has been updated to version 2.1.2, the software "Virtual searches (excavation)" - to version 2.1.2.
In order to provide special conditions for the equipment of computer classes, separate version of the software: "Editor" (for creating and editing scenes / situations) and "student" (only for use with ready-made scenes / situations) are implemented.
Instrumenatry software and a library of objects are updated:
- object "Lom-crowbar is added";
- object "metal rod" is added;
- object "Rope" is added;
- to the object (single) "Airplane" is added
- properties of the object "Bruises on the body of the victims" are added;
- detection technique, removal and packaging of evidence are set in accordance with approved instructions investigation.


The project «FSA 3D – crime scene virtual examination" of "FSA" became the winner in the nomination "Information Technologies in the social sphere" in the finals of IT projects of the Astrakhan region. The contest was organized by the Skolkovo and Astrakhan IT-park «Fabrika» on the basis of the signing of the cooperation agreement extended the Astrakhan region and the Technopark Skolkovo. In final the winners were determined in four categories: "Energy and Utilities", "IT in the social sphere", "Strategic computer technology and software "and" Best Project of the Astrakhan region& "Software product" FSA 3D - crime scene virtual examination "allows investigators across Russia to train in virtual forensic landfills. The product has no analogues in Russia and CIS countries.


We are pleased to inform you that the software "Crime-scene virtual examination" has been updated to version 2.1.1, the software "Virtual search (excavation)" - to version 2.1.1.
In software "Crime-scene virtual examination ":
- new scenes (the ship in the water basin, brick apartment building) are added.
To new versions of both programs, we have added new features, as well as eliminated minor bugs:
- interface turning object is improved
- jogging is turning 15 degrees when turning the object by holding down the Shift key
- at the facilities Bath, Bath 2, an empty bucket is added to the surface of the water
- new objects: Bag ladies, traces of oil leaks from the box in the form of drops or puddles, the new model gas stove with oven opening are added
- bodies of the victims to make "withdrawn" (using gloves) and added packaging for the bodies of the victims (the bag)
- uncontrolled movement when moving bound (occurs when the direction of the center of parent look fell on any of its children) is fixed
- editor mode in the marked item, the ceiling is now "passes" camera is fixed
- now after loading the status of the fingerprint to be disclosed is fixed
- now in operation "disciple" in the allocation of the light source (chandeliers), or object with water (bath), provided that there are no objects that require activation, the message about the discovery of objects is fixed
- the "behavior" of the additional window buttons: light, texture choices, with the option of the object, filling with water is fixed. Excluding its appearance in incorrect when there is no control of light and water for the facility.
In addition, to the software "Virtual search (excavation)," new features are added:
- caches
- Fixed - now after loading the status of caches disclosed
- Fixed - now after the removal of the object, the detectors do not work on it


We are pleased to inform you that the software " Crime-scene virtual examination" has been updated to version 2.0.4. In the new version we have improved the performance of the program, fixed minor bugs and added new features:
opening and closing interior doors, cabinet doors, etc .;
light sources (stationary and mobile) are added;
UV lamp, slit light and infrared light are now integrated in the expert source of light;
ability to delete the selected objects by pressing "Delete" is added;
keyboard shortcuts for functions undo and return - "Ctrl + z" and "Ctrl + y", respectively are added;
3 speed of movement in the editor mode is implemented. Speed ​​cycled "Shift" key indicator in the compass. Also gear change is implemented by clicking on the icon man.
Also many new objects that you find in the "Object Library" were added.
For users of "Crime-scene virtual examination " or later version 2.0 update is for free. For others - please contact us for information on upgrade eligibility.


For the first time a computer simulator for investigators and criminalists is created in Astrakhan. The need for such an innovative product originated in 2011. Then employees of the Astrakhan Investigative Commitee asked the company "Fundamental analysis system" to develop a software that allows you to create any three-dimensional highly realistic interactive models easily to simulate different events or situations.
Previously, the law enforcement agencies had to create models of a high-profile crime manually - for example, an explosion in the street. To do this manually - build houses, shopping centers, people. Price of such a layout is about 200 000 rubles. Now, thanks to the development of computer program you can play with the mouse and keyboard on the screen any situation,.
Virtual Constructor allows you to create different situations and simulate the scene. This program is widely used on the basis of criminology. Firstly, it is the development of theoretical material. Second, a detailed examination of the scene. Practice shows that the investigators who have passed a training course, are more competent with procedural documents and well-conduct investigation process. In addition, the three-dimensional model helps to relieve the visual perception of the information and creates a sense of presence.
As the correspondent of VolgaPromEkspert company developer was told, the computer program has no analogues either in Russia or abroad. The program has a special base facilities: the station, park, airport, streets, houses. You can consider in detail the interior of any room: upholstered furniture alone, dozens of species. Now developers together with the staff of law enforcement agencies are working on further improvements and development of new models of objects.
Note that the development of Astrakhan have already implemented a number of investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Now developers offer it to universities, where there are departments of criminology. So Moscow State University and Russian New University have become partners of Astrakhan in further development and usage in the educational process.
According to: http://www.volpromex.ru/


A new version of  «Crime-scene virtual examination: educational package." Version 2.0. The new version due to its parameters is better and more comfortable to use.
In the new version:
A new generation of engine Unity 3D is implemented in developed software environment;
User`s interface and management is improved in order to simplify and ease the usage;
Improved texture quality and three-dimensional graphics objects, etc . are produced;
A new library of three-dimensional objects and complete scenes is added:
Objects are added to the library for modeling the location of fire (charred wall, car, sofa, wardrobe, etc.);
scene "Garages" is added;
in the stage of "Street with multi-storey house," the second staircase entrance on three floors with a lift and the apartment open with traces of fire is added;
scene "Airplane is added."
Additional features and tools are added:
the range of invisible traces at the scene is expanded, the discovery of which the investigator is only possible with the use of technical means;
the ability to scale 2D-objects (traces of blood on the walls and damage to windows and other.) is added;
the ability to group related objects and lighting facilities is added;
tools exemptions and packaging of various traces of the crime (including, entailing the loss of traces) with the ability to use multiple versions of the package are added;
mechanism for installing fences (fencing tapes) is improved, to determine the algorithm of actions of forensic investigator to detect, fix, withdrawal and package traces from the scene, and restrictions on movement without performing specific actions in the training mode.
Currently, we actively work on improving the features of the program, the expansion of the instruments, as well as an increase in the diversity of the simulated virtual scene.
In 2014 it assumes:
to expand the library of templates and object change function to add the time of day in hours and interactive manipulation of objects (opening-closing doors, etc.), provide the ability to change the lighting area;
to provide for the possibility of simulating accidents involving the usage of explosive devices, explosives of various capacities, terrorist attacks (the explosion station, rolling stock, undermining the w / d fabric, bridge, etc.), a plane crash, in cases of traffic accidents (in including - inspection of the vehicle) crashes and accidents on rail, river and sea transport, accidents in the area of ​​environmental legislation;
to provide a change of weather conditions (snow, rain, ice), display and record the individual characteristics of detected objects (structure materials, the mechanism of injury or other traces of objects)


At the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University it is decided to use the program "Сrime scene virtual examination (Educational package)" as a teaching tool in the study of the topic "Crime scene examination" and in the section "Methodology for investigation of crimes".


"FSA" company took part in the International scientific-practical conference "Criminal proceedings: Innovations of the theory of procedural and criminal practice", organized by the Tauride National University named after V.I. Vernadsky, which took place in Ukraine in Alushta on 18-20 April 2013. On master class during the conference the company presented the software "Crime-scene virtual examination: educational package." The program aroused great interest among the representatives of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and the Investigation Department of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.


New update of software "Сrime scene virtual examination (Educational package)" is released - version 1.0.6. The update adds the ability to group objects and lighting related objects, the ability to scale 2D-objects (traces of blood, damage on the walls and glass, etc.) is added, renaming objects in the list of objects in the object library is implemented; objects for fire modeling (charred walls , sofa, wardrobe, etc.) are added; in the template scene "Street with multistoried house" staircase of the second entrance on three floors with an open elevator and the apartment with traces of fire is added, template scene "Garages" is added, the quality of textures and graphics of three-dimensional objects is improved, minor bugs fixed.


In the magazine "Russian investigator" (№ 4, 2013) there is an article "Сrime scene virtual examination - INNOVATIVE METHOD of professional development of investigators." The article describes the positive experience of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in improving the professional skills of the investigators with the computer program "Сrime scene virtual examination".



The company "FSA" plans to introduce virtual reality technology, developed by the American company «SENSICS».

Video footage


In his speech at the Second anniversary of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin noted the positive experience using "Сrime scene virtual examination (Educational package)" in the work of the Investigation Committee.

Speech by Alexander Bastrykin


New update software "Situational Constructor: Сrime scene virtual examination (Educational package)" Version 1.0.5. Update includes refinements and adjustments to the program, completion and management of interfaces to simplify and ease the usage; new libraries of three-dimensional objects; extra features and software tools are added.


November 22, 2012 at Voronezh State University was hosted an international conference on "Modern Criminalistics: problems, trends, names (on the 90th anniversary of Professor R.S. Belkin)" on which principal consultant "FSA" - senior crime investigator of the Main Department of criminology of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Law, Professor V. Elinsky spoke on: "Сrime scene virtual examination as an innovative method to improve the qualifications of the investigators".



In November 2012 FSA specialists together with the Investigation Department of the IC RF in the Astrakhan region have trained IC investigators from different regions of Russia using "Crime Scene Construction (Educational package)" The training was held in Moscow in the Directorate of criminology IC RF.


The company "FSA" introduces a new generation engine UNITY PRO 4.0. Soon, users of our software will be able to experience the incredible level of details and graphics, interactive 3D scenes.


First certificates of accomplishing the training course "Crime Scene Construction: Crime scene virtual examination (Educational package)" are awarded.


The company "FSA" together with the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Astrakhan region trains professionals of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation from various regions of Russia on course of "Crime Scene Construction: Crime scene virtual examination (Educational package)". When the training is accomplished the certificates of training are awarded.


Head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Astrakhan region, Major General Justice S. Bobrov presented letters of gratitude for implementation in practice the software "Crime Scene Construction".


Head Office of Forensic Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation signed the act of implementing the program "Crime Scene Construction: Crime scene virtual examination (Educational package)" in practice.