Mobile application with augmented and virtual reality

ID Architects (Android, iOS) - the mobile app "IDArchitects" for interactive demonstration of 3D-models of the unique architectural and design solutions using augmented reality technology. You can see a realistic three-dimensional model of the building, look at it from different angles and at different time (day or night), see the interior design of the premises and find more information.


  • Realistic 3D-models of the buildings.
  • Augmented Reality mode (is available after scanning flyer marked AR+).
  • Interactive 3D-mode (in AR-off mode) for more opportunities to explore.
  • Information about the project.

CeSAR VR (Android, WinPhone) - Crime Scene Augmented Reconstruction - VR - application for AR-glasses (such as Google Cardboard) plunges us into the virtual world of the crime investigation into the role of investigatorcriminalist. Lets examine the crime scene with the effect of total immersion in virtual reality. Application bring a bright element of interactivity in the works for students of law specialties of higher education.

We carry out the development of mobile applications with augmented and virtual reality (to order). We look to cooperation!